About Duborgsminde

Duborgsminde was built in 1875 and originally consisted of four main buildings built around a square yard. From 1945 to 1970 the farm was used for cattle breeding. Originally the farm had 80 acres of land, but when Tove and Knud Jørgensen took over the farm in 1970, most of the land was sold off, and it ceased to be a working farm.

In December 1999 Denmark was struck by a severe storm, during which the farm caught fire, and most of the outbuildings burnt down. Due to this, the farm now has entirely new outbuildings, which contain the bed and breakfast facilities amongst other things.

Selected Distances

- 2 km to shopping facilities and train/bus

- 10 km to Ribe

- 20 km to Fanø

- 60 km to Rømø

- 60 km to Blåvand

- 60 km to Legoland

- 60 km to Billund airport